1. Is it safe?

Yes! It’s completely safe for the skin and body. We only wouldn't recommend it if you are pregnant, have a bleeding disorder, or have an open wound or ulcer.

2. Why does it leave marks?

The marks are simply a result of blood flow to the area and toxins being cleared away. They will fade away in the hours after treatment, with duration depending on intensity.

3. Can you adjust the intensity?

Yes, there are 6 suction intensity levels and adjustable heat.

4. How often should you use it?

We recommend 5-10 minute sessions, with at least 3 days between treatments.

5. Can cupping tighten loose skin?

Because cupping massage is able to effectively penetrate several layers of skin to reach the fascia, it can help loosen and break down globules of fat, effectively flushing them from your system. When this happens, you'll begin to see positive results in the appearance of your skin, alongside weight loss.