1. Thoroughly wash and dry your face, and apply your favorite serum if you have one that you already use (dry skin works too).

2. Select desired electrode attachment and gently insert into the body of the wand. Plug the wand into power outlet and switch on. 

3. Slowly turn the power control dial on the end of the wand unit to the lowest intensity setting. The wand will now begin to quietly "hum". Place finger onto the electrode to ground the current.

4. Place electrode on desired treatment area. When touched to the surface of the skin, it will produce a very safe, therapeutic neon-orange glow as well as purifying, enriched oxygen molecules with a likeness to the scent of ozone. 
Tip: if you are unable to immediately see the subtle "glow", try standing in a darkened room and gently whisk the wand against your skin.

5. Move the wand in a circular or zig-zag motion on the treatment area for 3-5 minutes. 
Tip: you can 'spark' the acne by tapping the tip of the wand on the acne a few times, and then move in a circular motion again. 

6. After you're done, turn the power knob off. Clean the attachment off with soap and warm water. Finish by applying your moisturizer.


*Be sure to the lowest intensity dial setting during the first few days of initial use. When you no longer feel the intensity of the high frequency current, continue to work at a slightly higher setting. Continue to increase the intensity setting with each treatment until you reach your personal comfort zone. This system is effective even at the lowest intensity setting so it is not necessary to use an extremely high power level to achieve maximum benefits from treatment. The intensity level that you are comfortable with will be dependent upon your skin type and sensitivity.


  • Have any metal on your face while using the High-Frequency Wand™ 
  • Use if you’re pregnant
  • Use if you have a pacemaker, metallic implants or epilepsy
  • Allow the machine to get wet or use on a soaking wet face
  • Use with a serious sunburn